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The college central library has the best library facilities with largest collection of books, reference manuals, and hand books along with national and international journals covering various advanced disciplines pertaining to the subjects offered by the college/p>


It caters to the needs of the existing courses. It has 6,424 titles and 31,579 volumes evenly distributed on all the disciplines. The library has facilities for accommodating 500 students at a time. The library is also equipped with an E-Library with 75 Periodicals. 15 systems are available in the library to be used by students. More books/ journals / standards etc. will be introduced in the library in accordance with the expansion requirements. Besides, there are 169 journals in the library from national & 124 international societies and institutes to serve the needs of the graduate and Post Graduate students.

The institute library has Internet facility with 5 systems, put on the internet and is also a member of the DELNET. To help those engaged in research and development activities. The institutes also plans to acquire patents, standards, research reports, in sizeable numbers on the topics chosen for advanced research by Post Graduate students and research scholars. A lot of e-learning courses and study material is maintained in the server and is continuously updated. The college also subscribes various e-journals in all relevant disciplines.